New Horizons at Work: Employers

An employer’s reference tool  to getting the best from employees who are single parents.

A really wide and comprehensive study was conducted in Germany which included 135 companies of different sizes found that 41% of the financial success of a company is based on the “right handling” of the existing “human capital”.

This good performing human capital constitutes a wide range of workers; representing different living situations, and attitudes towards life and experiences. Not dissimilar to your own clients and customers.
You, as a manager or an HR expert, surely know how to deal with and care about the diverse workforce in your organisation.
What you may not know is that single parents can be among the most motivated, hard-working and loyal employees. And that their numbers and share among your staff are on the rise.

In this programme, you will find tools for working with single parents to help you make the most out of their creativity, flexibility and strength within your company. Additionally, you’ll find that you can use the skills you’ve learned here for expanding your own team’s diversity.

In this reference tool, you will find supportive and helpful
A) facts and figures,
B) hints and tools,
C) success stories and good practice examples,
D) short paragraphs, figures, slides and some videos.

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