Grainne Seoige, broadcaster

Grainne Seoige gives her most revealing interview. As a single mother, she started her broadcasting career in Teilifis na Gaeilge, now TG4; always putting her son first and getting through with the help of her steadfast Galway parents.

Nobody’s ever going to do everything for you, you’ve got to go out and do it yourself.

Senator Lynn Ruane

Senator Lynn Ruane on becoming a mum at 15.(2016)

Lynn did her Leaving Cert through a young mothers’ education programme.
Lynn worked in the field of addiction for years, but when austerity policies caused cutbacks to public spending, she decided to further her education to help her become an advocate for addiction services. In 2012, she entered Trinity College via the Trinity Access Programme, which helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and is now in the final year of PPES – philosophy, political science, economics and sociology.
Her first foray into politics came about when she became student parent officer with the students’ union. Then, encouraged by the 2014/15 Trinity SU president, Domhnall McGlacken-Byrne, she successfully ran for president for the 2015/16 academic year. She loved the job, although it involved a lot of juggling, as she, Jordanne and Jaelynne had to move onto the campus.
Lynn decided to further her political career nationally by running for the Seanad, and was elected in May. She’s on the education committee, and is keen to work on the issues of drug usage, education funding, teacher training and homelessness. She will also complete the 4 final year of her degree this year, but with the determination she has shown, there’s no doubting she’ll be successful.
While Lynn admits to being “strict and regimented” as a mum, she worked hard to prove that even though she was a teen mother, her child would turn out fine. “I was hard on myself as well, because I was obsessed with us being the perfect image of mother and daughter,” she

 Rachel Sarah Murphy, actress

Her greatest role yet: Actress Rachel Sarah Murphy and her two-year-old daughter Lolly, who she is happily raising as a single mother Cork-born actress, Rachel Sarah Murphy (40), is the mother of Lolly (2). She is best known for playing the role of Jo Fahy on Fair City, and she runs the acting school, the Irish Film Academy in Temple Bar.

Clara Conway, former Labour TD, mother to Avea-May

Parents are people who make a valuable contribution to society, and any woman willing to balance a career with motherhood should be facilitated and encouraged rather than have childcare considered a luxury.

Colin Farrell, actor

Colin Farrell shares parenting of his two sons with their mothers:

I’m a loving father who takes his responsibility very seriously and I am completely devoted to giving my sons the best life possible.

Gráinne Seoige, broadcaster

Gráinne Seoige, broadcaster and lone-parent, had her son when she was 20:

I’m very proud to be a mum and I’ve worked hard to raise my son the best way I can. He’s the best thing I’ve done.

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore was raised by a lone-parent:

My number one role model is my mother. She’s amazing. She raised a daughter as a single parent and had a full time job.
We didn’t have a lot of money but I never wanted for anything. I think I always had that mentality of you can do everything.

Pierce Brosnan, actor

Pierce Brosnan, on his life after losing his first wife, Cassandra Harris and raising their children alone:

The children forced me to carry on, and my life carried on because of the children, no question. Parenting is never easy. You learn the skills of patience and understanding and just being there for your children.

PJ Gallagher, comedian

PJ Gallagher, who was adopted describing his biological parents:

They are just normal, nice people who had a kid when they were young.