New Futures – Your Self-care

Understanding and dealing with stress

The aim of this programme is to help us learn about stress, and to explore practical ways to help us manage it.

Our focus will be on compassionate, soothing and practical ways to help ourselves and our loved-ones.

 Module 1: Welcome!

  • How the course works

Module 2: Introduction to stress

  • Understand what stress is.
  • Learn how stress can affect you.

Module 3: Understanding stress

  • Be able to recognise situations in your life that cause you stress.
  • Understand the importance of addressing your needs.
  • Recognise how children get stressed and the effect your stress can have on your children.

Module 4: Managing and reducing your stress levels

  • Understand the importance of addressing your needs.
  • Develop the skills of positive self-talk
  • Learn practical ways to manage your stress.

Module 5: Time management to prevent stress

  • Understand the connection between stress and time management
  • Benefits of time management
  • Making a timetable
  • Understand and recognise the importance of self-care, what stress means to us and our family and adopt new techniques and attitudes to combat stress and feel more in control.
  • Develop your time management skills

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