New Futures – Your Self-Esteem

Building and maintaining self-esteem

The aim of this programme is to introduce you to the foundations and importance of self-esteem and personal development.

  • understand and recognise the importance of self-esteem,
  • be able to improve your self-esteem by following the paths to healthy self-esteem (self-acceptance, positive self-talk, assertiveness, etc),
  • recognise your values and your needs,
  • examine how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself,
  • reflect on your strengths and how they enhance your personalities and potential for growth,
  • learn that self-awareness is empowering and that you can actively nurture and build upon our levels of self esteem.

Module 1 – Welcome

Module 2 –  Introduction to Self-Esteem

Module 3 – The Six Paths to Self-Esteem

Module 4 – Tips and Exercises To Improve Self-Esteem

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