“Hi my name is Brigid and I’m a single mum of four amazing children; ages from 17-3 years old. Getting a job was never the hard part for me but finding a job with a balance of suitable working hours around my four children’s huge range of school hours, sports, hobbies and everyday life of cooking, cleaning and caring for them was always the challenge for me. My biggest difficulty was childcare and how it isn’t affordable. I’ve found that because I work I get no help at all financially from the government for child care , back to school grants, rent etc. but on the other hand I can’t think like that I look at my glass as half full, not empty. I have four amazing healthy children. I work hard, and have had amazing help from One family to live with a positive attitude and remember my children won’t be babies forever. I completed the Career Futures course with One Family and regained my focus; yes I am a mammy, yes I want my children to do better in life than I have, yes I want to be a great role model and teach them if they want something in life they need to work hard for it. I believe that you can be anything you want to be in life.

I may not be where I want to be in life – I’m still in private rented accommodation – but I will buy a home eventually. I have a great job that I love, and now I can work three days from home which is a fantastic help. My family life and my children all get the support they need every day from me. Life may not be perfect but it’s a happy one.

Being organised is my biggest gift. I get all the uniforms ready the night before, I cook the dinner in the evening for the next day so if the teenagers are home first they can heat it up but if I’m home first it gives me more quality time with my little people for things like play time and chats about what went on in their day. Eating together is a big plus as it keeps us all together to see what we have in life… which is each other. Having enough time at home also leaves me time for baths, bedtime stories etc. When the children go to bed, I do prep work for the next day. This works for me and gives me as much time as possible with my children. Finding One family probably saved my life. They helped me focus again and help me on my journey through life. I’m a very lucky woman.”