Ireland – One Family Case Studies:

“I have been with my current company for over seven years and my little boy is going to be two next month. One of the hardest things was not being able to afford to take any additional maternity leave. And given my little boy was two weeks overdue, it feels like I lost vital time with him.
My role wouldn’t really suit taking parental leave on a one day per week basis. So I’m guessing between now and when he reaches the age of eight, I would only be able to take parental leave in block format – which given there is only one income coming in, would be impossible.

I am in a management position so it is tough going to try and work all of the hours required as well as look after my little man. Sometimes it feels like I’m not keeping anyone happy but I can only do my best. I work from home in the evenings when my LO is asleep so I can catch up. I have to leave work to be at the creche to collect him at 6pm. I can only drop him at 7:30am so there are limited hours I can be physically at work.
Having crèches with longer opening hours would be a great help. Thankfully, at the moment, my role doesn’t involve much travel. However, there is a training course that I will be going on in the States for a week in November – this will be difficult to manage.

I love my role and I’m very fortunate to work in a fantastic company. Everybody wishes for a better work-life balance but flexible of family-friendly work practices aren’t always possible from a business perspective.”