“I had two children at eighteen, a boy and a girl. I faced a lot of issues during the first few years of being a parent including prejudice, poverty, discrimination, low self-esteem and isolation. I could not mix with my peers as I had two children and did not have the same freedom they had. I missed being with other people and having someone to share my parenting experiences with.

I got in touch with One Family, then known as Cherish in 1996. I began by attending the drop-ins then progressed onto computer classes and the Moving on Programme. I loved being around other parents and sharing experiences. My confidence grew and I became involved with the management committee and took part in various campaigns.

As time went on the support I gained helped me to begin practising youth work again. I applied for the position of programmes officer in Cherish and shortly after begin working on a fulltime basis. Every day I get up now and I am really excited about what the day ahead will bring.”